National Park of the Tuscan Archipelago


A seven star Park!

Between Corsica and Tuscany a constellation of seven splendid Islands interrupts the deep blue Tyrrhenian Sea. Mountainous, wild, sweet or jagged, these seven stars all share the same remote geological history originating from the young earth's first movements.

The stories are now immersed in the depths of time but their traces are witnessed in the natural history of places. This page is joined by that one written by the millenary human experience which has inhabited these places since antiquity. Whilst narrating epic gestures and stories of fatigue due to the hard work that signed the culture of stone and metal, people that today live between the Earth and the Sea offer their visitors these beautiful and welcoming Islands, hoping that they will live in the hearts of those who come to visit them.

Under the insigna of the National Park are thus enheld the small Gorgona, the splendid Capraia, the vast Elba, the white Pianosa, the unreachable Montecristo, the aromatic Giglio with it's jewel Giannutri. Surrounding them 60 thousand hectares of water of Europe's largest Marine Park protect the dolphins and the whales of the marvellous Sanctuary of Sea Mammals.

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