Discover the one thousand traits of the Natural Parks of the Tuscan Coast and Arcipelago!

Tuscany Walking Festival 2019

Step after step in order to gain time. A sequence of slow movements that acquire a different meaning in accordance to the setting that welcomes and guides them, drawing an ideal path on a non existing map, countersigned by laps which take shape and sense in a territory that is not merely beneath ones feet and in ones eyes but transcends the confines of geography stretching its roots into the heart and mind.

Amidst the nature protected by Parks, in sign of conviviality, the Walking Festival multiplies 6 Natural Parks in hundreds of events, obtaining as a result a feast ideally capable of eliminating the sea that divides the Coast from the Islands, a sequence of steps that follow one another leading to the discovery of extraordinary places, a meeting between the desire of knowledge and the necessity of sharing ones emotions and experiences.

Walking is good!


National Park of the Tuscan Archipelago
from 13 September to 1 November 2020

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