Napoleon and the iron mines

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When Napoleon first came to Elba, the first place he saw was Rio Marina and its mines Your nordic walk will center around these mines and cross the Mineral Park with its multi-colored rocks and industrial archeology pieces; you will then come up to the Giove Valley quarry, the largest and most recent mining site. Bring a packed lunch. 
Difficulty level: average
Meeting place: 10h00 Hotel Rio di Rio Marina, via Palestro.
Duration of the walk: 5 hours
Information: Associazione Guide A Piedi nel Parco cell. 3288541878 
Participation fee : € 5,00, children€ 4,00 
Booking: www.tuscanywalkingfestival.it

Zone Isola d'Elba
Level of difficulty Medium
What to wear Trekking
Duration ore 05:00
Meeting point ore 10:00
Price € 5.00
In order to partecipate booking is mandatory


This event will take place on 30 April 2014

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